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graphic design,
3D design
& motion graphics.

Nankeen is a multidisciplinary freelance designer from Leuven, Belgium. A real go-getter and specialised in branding that cuts through the noise.

Nankeen creates creative concepts, logos and visual identities. She sparks up your online presence with detailed 3D and flat motion graphics that pull people in and stop them from swiping. Your brand not only gets the right looks but also a personality. Each design is carefully guided by your values and creates a sense of belonging with a broad audience.

The joy she experiences during the creative process resonates in her graphics and close involvement. Clients enjoy working with her because of her fast response time, creative vision and positive vibes.
Nankeen has worked at creative agencies Boondoggle, Cartamundi and Design is Dead, where she has learnt from the best and developed a hands-on work ethic. You can scroll trough some projects here.

Ready to embark on a project? Or looking for a freelance creative to temporarily reinforce your agency? Call Nankeen out via hello@nankeen.be, and get to know the designer behind the name.